January 2013 Issue


Issue No. 5

Cover: “State of the Campus” Issue

Features: To Stipend or Not to Stipend by Daniel Peters, Gender Neutral Housing by Jessica Kubusch, Academic and Athletic Fraud at UNC by Kelsey Rupp, NC Heath Insurance by Mauricio Barreto, Timeline: Thorp’s Five Years as Chancellor, The Value of a Liberal Arts Degree on the Job Market by Aleigha Page, ONE ACT and Interpersonal Violence on Our Campus by David Ortiz, The Five Year Plan by Nick Yetman, Carolina’s Online Courses by Lea Palmer, Water in Our World by Timothy Bame, Transparency 2016 by Mauricio Barreto, The True Cost of Minimum Wage by Chase Macione, A New Dawn for Conservatism by Alex Thomas, The Value of Education by Connor Herring

Editor-in-Chief: Kelsey Rupp