April 2013 Issue


Issue No. 8

Cover: Earth Day 2013

Features: Filibustering Drones by Mauricio Barreto, The Elevator Queen’s Visit by Tim Bame, A Natural Feeling about Senate Bill 76 by Alex Thomas, EthaNOPE! by Nathan Cole, The High Cost of Low Energy by Zach Dvorak, Fracking in North Carolina by Charlotte Adams, What to do about the Keystone XL Pipeline by Lea Palmer, UNC’s Beyond Coal Movement by Connor Herring, Mind if I check your Browser History? by Duke Cheston, Global Warming and the Effectiveness of U.S. Reduction: Not quite a Global Effort by Ian Richardson, Blog: Controversial Gun Bill gets Veto by SBP, Veto Upheld by Congress by Ben Smith

Editor-in-Chief: David Ortiz