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Dear Readers,

Welcome, Freshman, and welcome back to all returning Tar Heels!  For those beginning their journey here, welcome to four of the best years of your life- four years of studying with the some of the greatest minds on the planet, four years of befriending the most interesting people you will ever meet, and four years of joining and leading some of the most active clubs in the country.  Welcome to four years that will change the way you view the world, for better and for worse. Welcome to Chapel Hill, our home.

Over the course of your time here, we at the Review hope that you come to love this place as we love it.  We hope that you make many memories, continue our Tar Heel traditions, and get involved in the life of our campus.  We hope that you make every moment count and leave here prepared for a full and successful life.

We also hope that you prepare yourself to defend your values and ideals from the many liberals here who will seek to convince you that the principles that define you are worth nothing. Your professors will claim to be champions of objectivity, but at every turn, they will attack any view of morality, politics, or society that varies from their own. Your values, and your identity, will be under constant attack from those around you. The liberals on this campus will succeed in forcing you to question why you believe what you do, but fear not.

The doubt they instill in your mind will be crucial in your growth as a conservative here.  Because of it, you will be forced to research your beliefs and construct sound arguments to defend them, leaving you as a stronger and better informed conservative than when you first stepped foot on this campus.  With the right information, such as the fantastic articles our writers at the Review churn out monthly, and a whole lot of courage, you will leave this campus armed with the ability to defend your values, no matter the situation.

In this issue, the Staff at the Carolina Review will give you the guidance we wish we had as freshmen.  So, without further ado, welcome to Carolina and I hope you enjoy this year’s first issue of the Carolina Review.

Lux Libertas,

Frank Pray

September 2014 Issue

Sepember 2014 issue