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Dear Readers,

Following years of tradition, we are proud to publish the April 2014 issue of the Carolina Review, organized around the fertile theme of environmentalism. Contrary to the beliefs of many liberals, modern conservatism has a great respect for the environment. We prefer, however, what is feasible: we do not advocate preserving the environment at a human cost, but nor do we call for senseless destruction.

Writer Timothy Bame (‘16) authors a detailed account of the human cost incurred by irresponsibly rejecting coal – revealing the hypocrisy of many on the left who call for divestment. Frank Pray (’17) argues that the recent ASG proposal for Duke Energy to cut down on coal while increasing wind and solar energy is unfeasible. Nathan Cole (’16) examines the benefits of the proposed Keystone XL pipeline in the Northern states.

Other writers examined different topics. Kelsey Rupp (’14) offers an in-depth and eloquent look at the darker underbelly of the Internet. Alex Thomas (’16) lauds the rising star of the libertarian movement, Rand Paul, and Aisha Anwar (’16) interviews one of the Chapel Hill’s poor. Finally, David Ortiz (’15) calls for a renewed philosophical vigor in the conservative movement while Jackson Valentine (’17) reports on the heated North Carolina Senate race.

We hope that you enjoy reading this issue of the Review, and go online to our website and social media.


David Ortiz (’15), Editor-in-Chief

April 2014 Issue