How to Save Money When Renting a Car

Since the Coronavirus pandemic, one of the major travel trends is the return of road trips. However, there is a lower supply of rental cars due to high demand. Because of this, prices for car rentals are extremely expensive nowadays.  

Fortunately, you do not have to spend all of your budgets on renting a car.  

There are a couple of tips you can follow to save money on your car rental. Aside from hiring a reliable exotic car rentals Miami company, here are other tips you can follow: 

Book Several Reservations with Free Cancellation 

One way to save money is to book several reservations. As soon as you know that you’re going on a vacation, you should start making a reservation immediately. You need to take a look at various car rental companies and see what they’ve got to offer for the same dates.  

Next, make a different booking. As your vacation date gets closer, you can cancel the bookings you don’t need anymore and keep the cheapest booking.  

Be sure you book reservations that provide free cancellations. This guarantees you avoid unnecessary fees.  

Avoid Airport Rental  

A lot of car rental companies are located at airports. Though this can provide convenience, these locations are typically more expensive compared to non-airport companies. You should look at rental companies that are far from the airport if you want to save money on your next rental.  

Also, it might be a lot cheaper to simply hire a Lyft or Uber ride. This is particularly true if you won’t be driving more often.  

Use Discount Codes 

Coupon codes and discount codes can help you save a lot of money. Before you book a reservation, you should try to ask the company if they offer any discounts.  

Some of the most common discounts available include Union member discounts, military discounts, Costco members, AAA, and AARP. 

Utilize a Car-Sharing Service 

If you aren’t satisfied with the prices of a car rental service, you might want to think about hiring a car-sharing service to rent a car.  

There are a lot of companies out there that offer this service. For instance, Turo enables car owners to rent their cars to people. Rates differ. However, this can be an excellent way to save money on a car rental.  

Aside from that, you can also guarantee that you’ve got a car for your vacation. The reason for this is that most rental companies run out of cars to rent, especially during peak season. 

Use Memberships 

Do you have a membership at Costco? Well, you can utilize it to save money when you rent a car. According to experts, Costco offers affordable car rentals compared to other companies out there. In addition to that, you can even include a free driver in your rental. 

Another excellent money-saving tool is the AAA membership. It offers discounts for Hertz rentals. Furthermore, it does not have underage driver fees if you’re 20-24 years old.  

Another program that provides discounts on rental cars is the Frequent-Flyer program. For instance, American Airlines provide members 35% off on car rentals from Avis and Budget. However, you’ve got to rent from an airport.