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Helpful dissertation writing advice for newbies

This is your first dissertation - you are nervous about it and rightly so as a dissertation is not an average college essay. But relax! All you need to do is focus and follow certain steps - you will definitely produce a great dissertation.

Form your central question

From the broad topic, you have to form the central question which will shape your dissertation.

  • Start your research on the subject and shortlist the most important facts or aspects according to your interest.
  • Short list the aspects and answer certain questions about each of them –
    1. Does the aspect describe what you want to say?
    2. Is the aspect relevant?
    3. Is there ample material to research on?
    4. Will it require extensive field work or other investigations?
    5. Is there enough time to complete your investigations and your paper?
  • Select something which meets not only yours but also your institute’s requirements

Plan the dissertation

Like any project, plan your dissertation according to the time you have before submission.

  • Categorize all the work according to importance and schedule them.
  • Select the research method and the type of data required.
  • Plan for how and where you will get the data.
  • Allocate time for rectification and emergencies.
  • Fix a deadline well before the submission.

Plan your writing

Your paper is integral to your dissertation and planning for the paper should be simultaneous with other processes.

  • Spot the main aspects supporting your central question and detail them out.
  • Go through references papers in your institute and decide on the best possible structure to present your question.
  • Form a skeleton of your paper with the main chapters in place.
  • Document and sort out your resources for quick access.

Start your writing

A dissertation paper is a big essay so you should start early and write regularly . While writing –

  • Adopt a clear and uncomplicated language.
  • Stay with the main question throughout the paper.
  • Stress more on planning and writing the abstract, introduction and summery.
  • Be unambiguous with your inferences and conclusion.

Edit as you write

Editing is as important as writing as because editing shapes up the paper.

  • Stick to the formatting requirements of your institute.
  • Correct all the grammatical, spelling and typographical errors.
  • Take help of the numerous online online writing papers for proofreading, editing or enhancing the readability of the paper.

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