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Seven basic rules on writing proposal for dissertation

The rules of writing a dissertation proposal can vary. Your instructor may provide guidelines that include more than seven actions or steps toward developing necessary content. Review your guidelines carefully and work to produce a project that meets them. The content presented below gives an overall idea of rules to follow when producing an excellent proposal for your topic.

7 Rules to Know

The following rules are basic details easy to remember as you write your proposal. The content below may vary from instructions provided by your professor. After taking time to think about your project consider these rules:

  1. Explore your field to choose a topic. Keep personal interests in mind as you determine the best idea to write about. Consider content from established researchers, authors, or even controversial or trending issues in the news to inspire ideas.
  2. Research using credible sources. It may start off as light research but it will help you collect useful data to get an idea of what to experiment or further investigate. The content should help your topic stand out and unique.
  3. Share findings with an advisor or professor. As you make progress on your topic it is important to check in with your advisor to ensure the direction of your idea. You gain more insight on how to write about your idea and the approach to take.
  4. Establish an outline to prepare required sections for your paper. It will help you develop the body of the proposal and you will know what information is needed and where it will appear.
  5. Develop a strong thesis statement but don’t worry about making solid early in the writing process. The more research you do the easier your argument comes together.
  6. Establish a solid conclusion. Make it clear and to the point about your findings. Readers should know the direction you are taking the content.
  7. Always revise, proofread, and edit. Once you develop a rough draft go over your content and improve it. Make sure concepts are clear and supporting evidence matches up with main points to help support your hypothesis.

Don’t wait to start your dissertation proposal. It can be time consuming to gather necessary data.

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